Dais is a cutting-edge analytics tool that empowers on-the-ground workers with the ability to find the right path, by simulating thousands of different courses of action. Because of its inherent complexity, its makers needed the product and its brand to more clearly articulate its benefits.


Create a brand and digital framework that would clarify Dais' purpose to board-level and operational clients, and create strong uptake in a market crowded with seemingly-similar products and consultants.


The Dais brand brings data to life. The result guided everything from their brand language right through through to the user experience, making the esoteric and complex simple and human.


  • Brand Strategy & Architecture

  • Brand Identity

  • Messaging

  • Digital & Web Development

  • UI / UX



rethinking the platform

From optimising plane scheduling at busy airports, through to helping infrastructure providers make complex capital expenditure decisions, the uses for Dais were far-reaching.

However, when its creators approached Block, beyond Dais’ incredible potential lied an inherent problem – they had almost no idea how to articulate what Dais did. The very reason for its existence was being lost in industry jargon, complex diagrams, and convoluted metaphors.

Original Dais marketing materials

Original Dais marketing materials


grounded in logic

Since the very premise of analytics are rooted in math and logic, that’s exactly how Block approached creating their brand. Amalgamating the markers for ‘because’ and ‘therefore’ forms the Dais brandmark; a symbol grounded in logic and absolutes.


a living, breathing framework


Built on the core idea of ‘finding a path through data’, Block created a shape-shifting, kinetic visual system based on dots that adapted to and revealed patterns and imagery in data.

BLOCK_WEB_3_DAIS_ICONS_DEMO_1_1.2019-10-07 16_53_48.gif
The almost endless use cases for Dais and the industries it was targeted at required a brand and language that would tread the fine line between being highly expert and technical, yet clearly understandable and user-friendly.
— Mark Braddock, Creative Director, Block

digitally minded

Ultimately, Dais was to be a brand that lived almost exclusively in digital environments. So Block guided the creation of almost every facet of its digital presence – from the product’s website, to its user interface, iconography, animations, and beyond.


To aid in the development of Dais’ front-end interface and create consistency across all of their web touchpoints, Block created a digital UI toolkit, built on the Materialize framework. This documented everything from animations, colours, typography and contextual icons, through to the implementation of code itself.


Block also worked with Dais’ creators to guide and inform its new user interface and layout.

Dais wasn’t a ‘rebrand’ by any conventional measure. What resulted was a complete reimagining of the brand’s existence in a digital and business sense. It changed the way they articulated, sold in, and even created the very product itself.
— Melissa Mailey, Account Director, Block