Situated on the site of the former Artillery Drill Hall and Fly By Night Musicians Club in the heart of Fremantle, Freo.Social is an ambitious venue conceived as the new heart of its community – with co-working spaces, a nanobrewery, food trucks, shows, and much more. With its impending opening, its owners needed to communicate this vision to its stakeholders and the general public.


Create a brand that would pay respect to the venue's heritage, whilst staking its claim as a social and creative hub for the community.


Freo.Social is a brand built for a social generation; one that pays homage to the venue’s military and musical heritage whilst celebrating creative and social communities. The venue's launch has been a resounding success – with back-to-back shows scheduled between now and the end of the year, many of which are sold out or selling out.


  • Brand Architecture

  • Stakeholder Engagement

  • Naming & Brand Identity

  • Signage

  • Campaign Development

  • Website Development


Images Courtesy of The National Trust


saluting history


In envisioning one of the most eclectic venues Perth has ever known, a significant history spanning nearly 125 years had to be considered.

The venue began its life notably as an Artillery Drill Hall during World War I, where it housed troops for gun practice and drill movements. In 1986, it became the Fly By Night Musicians Club. Some of Australia’s most iconic artists Bon Scott, Tame Impala, John Butler got their start in Fremantle, back when The Fly By Night was a vital part of propelling the local music scene to the big stage.

In 2014, it was announced that the venue was to be refurbished in cooperation with National Trust of WA with support from the WA State Government. This is where Freo.Social’s story began.


different by name, different by nature

Freo.Social is unlike any other venue seen before in Perth or Fremantle, so this was reflected in its unconventional name. By using its URL to demarcate it, Freo.Social not only entails the venue’s multifaceted nature, but reiterates its online presence.


A distinctly Fremantle-inspired colour palette brings past and present together

A distinctly Fremantle-inspired colour palette brings past and present together

The look draws inspiration from military insignia and utilitarian graphics

The look draws inspiration from military insignia and utilitarian graphics


The look and feel of the brand borrows from music gig posters and military insignia to create something that’s rough around the edges and true to its lineage.

Fremantle is undergoing a revolution and Freo.Social is at the heart of it. We worked closely with the Freo.Social team to implement a brand strategy that goes beyond launching a music venue – it’s about building a community of creatives and artists, creating a hub for Fremantle’s makers and doers, and using social amplification to build brand awareness.
— Mark Braddock, Creative Director, Block

Freo.Social’s website brings their broad activities and offering under individual feeds, creating a feeling of never-ending activity.

As the venue grows and evolves, the strategy for the Freo.Social website is to develop it into a portal to promote Fremantle arts and cultural events at a broader level.

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Our offering at Freo.Social is big and diverse. With co-working spaces, beer gardens, food trucks and a brewpub, this is more than just a bar, restaurant or music venue. It’s a destination that aspires to support local creatives and build on Fremantle’s culture of grass-roots creativity.
— Sally Tucker, Brand & Communications Manager, Triple-1-Three

A social brand at heart

Promoting both the venue itself and the incredible roster of talent that it would be hosting was imperative to its success. Social media was used extensively to attract punters as its opening drew near and as shows were added.

The brand allowed for a rapidly executable, flexible system for street posters, social media, motion graphics, and digital content.

The response to the Freo.Social brand so far has been incredible. Music promoters have been really supportive, with gigs scheduled for almost every night. Many acts are already sold out. It’s a venue with a rich history and many stories to tell, and new stories to make as we go forward on a new journey.
— Sally Tucker, Brand & Communications Manager, Triple-1-Three