Co-creating a vision for Mandurah’s future


In July 2018, Mayor Rhys Williams put forth a motion to the City of Mandurah Council, calling for the creation of a citizen-led vision; one that would guide the city's intent for the next 20 years. The aim was to give all of Mandurah's residents custodianship of the future of their city.


Define and articulate the process, methodology and campaign by which this could be communicated to engage the community and guide them through the process.


Mandurah Matters successfully brought thousands of residents and a raft of stakeholders together to collaborate and build their vision for Mandurah. Now, with this vision set, the community and City will create the action plan and assign responsibilities to bring this ambition to life.


  • Strategic Planning

  • Stakeholder Engagement

  • Community Consultation

  • Communications Planning

  • Campaign Naming & Identity


how can a city shape its OWN future?


This was the question that Mandurah’s Mayor, Rhys Williams posed to Council in July 2018. As is the case with many great cities across the world, they have been guided by a clear intent; a vision that has set their course for years to come. In putting forth this motion and opening up the floor to the people of Mandurah, this vision could be owned by all and momentum built with a strong community engagement process.

So, where do you start?

Block was engaged to guide and direct the communications and strategy of the programme. But before the programme could get underway, the very notion of how it would exist, the process it would follow, and how it would be communicated needed to be explored and defined.


what matters to mandurah?

In naming and positioning the campaign, it became imperative that this was to be the voice of the community; one that was empowering the locals and the things that mattered to them.

The impetus for naming and creating Mandurah Matters was framed by a simple question: what matters to Mandurah?

This balanced a sense of pride in the city, with a sense of progression and urgency.

The message we needed to deliver was that everyone’s voice mattered – to stress the importance of the city’s future whilst empowering its residents to feel like they could play their part in shaping it.
— Adam McGlashan, Brand Communications Strategist, Block

Defining and setting the process

Block consulted with the City and Aha! Consulting to assist with the development of the methodology and framework behind the phasing and rollout.

The programme was to hear and enact the vision of its citizens through a three phase process: firstly through in-depth consultation and conversations with the community, followed by think tanks with leading experts to create solutions, and finally a community summit to set the action plan for the vision.


mandurah’s champions

A group of esteemed Mandurah community members were chosen to be the faces and voices of the campaign.

Block, in partnership with Dear Rabbit Studios interviewed these community members, creating online shorts that introduced the campaign and uncovered the diverse viewpoints of why Mandurah mattered to them.

Alongside these videos, digital ads, outdoor and radio spots encouraged the community to get involved and have their say.


phase one: discuss

Following an internal staff launch, Phase One involved going out and speaking with community members – engaging key business and industry stakeholders at working breakfasts, hosting community events, and gathering community responses via an online survey. The result of this was more than 1,600 survey responses and 23 hosted events.


phase two: explore

Phase Two invited community members to join a series of think tanks to explore more deeply the four key areas that mattered most to the Mandurah community: environment, social, economic and health.


phase three: act

The final planning phase involved a community, council and stakeholder summit, held in February 2019, where participants came together to distil what matters, and culminated in a draft Community Vision Narrative.


(↑) The Community Vision Narrative, written in the voice of community by Block.


what’s next

Now, with the community vision set, the next task is to bring Mandurah Matters to fruition; to bring the community, the City, stakeholders and the local tourism board together to achieve it. Block is continuing to engage with facilitating staff and community workshops, and prepare a report to Council regarding the next stages of implementation.

The opportunity to be involved ‘upstream’ in the creation of a programme like Mandurah Matters, and to apply design thinking to the entirety of the process, was a privilege and a testament to the Council’s commitment to go much deeper than the veneer which too often passes for community consultation.
— Emma Watton, Strategy Director, Block