Block has rebranded the Black Swan Prize for Portraiture as The Lester Prize for Portraiture: one of Australia's richest Portraiture Prizes, and a major event on the national arts calendar.

On Thursday, 4th April, Black Swan Prize for Portraiture unveiled a new face and name, relaunching as The Lester Prize with a striking rebrand designed by Block.

The Black Swan Prize for Portraiture is a beloved Perth institution. Since launching in 2007, it has transformed from a passionate startup to being a national force in portraiture with an annual exhibition held at the Art Gallery of WA. Twelve years on, it was time for the brand to evolve so it could continue to take its rightful place on a national stage as The Lester Prize for Portraiture – named after its founding patron Richard Lester, a WA property developer and longstanding arts and community benefactor.

John Langoulant, Chairman of The Lester Prize Board, says: “We challenged Block to help us prepare our organisation for the future with a new brand identity. They provided us with a solid framework in which to consult on our rebranding, and relentlessly pursued an insightful and substantial foundation. Change is a risky time for any organisation, and we were constantly challenged, but always supported to create a brand that artists, partners, sponsors and the Board would have immense pride in.”


The rebrand began with a highly consultative process working with the Board to achieve alignment on the vision for the brand.

“As much as this was a rebranding process, it was also a change process to achieve alignment with the Board, sponsors, partners and artists, while allowing the organisation to take a significant step forward,” explains Emma Watton, Block’s Director of Strategy.

 “The Black Swan Prize had carved out a really unique space for the brand in the way it supported, fostered and developed the Perth artistic community. The challenge was to retain this authenticity, and create a distinctive portraiture brand with presence and impact in the national market that is on par with the world’s leading art institutions.”


Mark Braddock, Creative Director at Block, adds: “To elevate the profile and prestige of The Lester Prize, we have designed a very classic, timeless and dynamic identity. The icon plays on the ‘L’ in Lester to create a framing device that can be adapted to reflect the different styles and faces represented in the portraiture prize. The rebrand also delivers the consistency and clarity needed to attract world-class partners and sponsors.”

Block is supporting The Lester Prize for Portraiture as an in-kind sponsor. Entries to The Lester Prize 2019 open on 20th April.


“The Lester Prize is an institution that looks out while welcoming the world in – one that builds reputations, not just venerates those who already have one. It is a driving force within a vibrant creative scene in WA, and Block is proud to support this year’s launch event,” says Braddock.

Each year, the winner of The Lester Prize receives $50,000, making it an important showcase of some of Australia's most talented artists. Held in the heart of Perth, it is organised by ARTrinsic Inc, a not for profit organisation set up in 2007 to promote and support visual arts in Western Australia.


Agency: Block
Creative Director: Mark Braddock
Creatives: Rachel Boon, Cameron Murray, and Joseph Dennis
Art Director: Rachel Boon
Director of Strategy: Emma Watton
Account Manager: Shenelle Manwaring

 Client: The Lester Prize
Chairman of the Board: John Langoulant
Executive Director: Annie Silberstein
Marketing, Communications & Media Manager: Yvette Canét-Gibson

Block Branding