Feral Brewing Co was Western Australia’s largest independent brewery with a cult following of beer enthusiasts globally. The Guardian described their signature brew Hop Hog “as near to the perfect beer as you will find” and their devotion to the the craft of brewing had seen them win every major beer award in the country. Despite the vast praise heaped upon Feral, this was not translating into the breadth of distribution the business required with many retail and hospitality venues refusing to stock the product purely based on the somewhat 'homespun' tone of the brand.


Better reflect Feral's raw passion and craft to a wider audience, without shedding their fierce, renegade attitude.


An unapologetically rough-and-ready brand that embraced its feral-ness. In the space of five years, Feral has gone from local curiosity to national legend at the helm of the unstoppable tide of craft beer, sparking the interest of multinationals.


  • Brand Positioning

  • Packaging Design

  • Marketing Communications

Original Feral Packaging

Original Feral Packaging


From local curiosity to national legend: branding for growth

Block was tasked with creating a brand that was true to the product's brewer-led roots, while expanding its appeal to a wider (and rapidly growing) audience of discerning beer drinkers who were looking for something ground-breaking and beautifully crafted.  



Block's approach started with a simple declaration of the brand's intent; they are Feral and there would be no apology for that.

This manifesto was translated into a handcrafted and distinctive look that enhanced the company’s obsessive focus on its beers, flavours and ingredients, with an intentionally DIY, rough-and-ready aesthetic to match the company’s hands-on approach to brewing.


At a time when all the big guys were jumping on the craft brew trend and every bloke and his accountant-mate were starting a trendy craft-brewery, Feral was the real deal. Feral was all about what’s in the bottle, so we felt this rebranding shouldn’t look overworked or pretentious. What we created is the antithesis of the minimalist or ‘ye olde’ beer brands that were cluttering the market.
— Mark Braddock, Creative Director

A rough-and-ready appeal

At the time of commission, Feral’s suite of award-winning beers sat within a fragmented look and feel, creating confusion for the brand and the market. Block completed a brand and packaging overhaul that sees the brewery’s products unified under a solid look and feel, albeit with a uniquely Feral personality. The rebranding is handcrafted and distinctive without detracting from the company’s obsessive focus on its beers, flavours and ingredients. 

The new approach maintains the same raw energy but with a much clearer purpose and strategy. Even if the punk rock collage aesthetic isn’t your thing, the level of consistency within the inconsistent and chaotic look is perfectly crafted.
— Brand New

Championing experimentation.

In addition to its iconic beers that have attracted a cult following, Feral have a ‘Brewpub Series’ of experimental short-run, limited edition beers that play with unusual flavours and styles. These make their way to specialist retailers. These beers aren’t for everyone. They require promotion to a niche audience in keeping with Feral’s anarchistic design approach. The packaging and posters firmly position the brews outside of mainstream, corporatised ‘craft’ brewing and reflect the full-on experience of what is contained within the bottle.

The collage aesthetic had its revival heyday in the late 1990s and we haven’t seen much of it in the last five or seven years with more vintage-retro stylings to be found, particularly in craft brewery identities so it was a refreshing slap in the face to see the aptly named Feral Brewing Company embrace an energetic zine/punk rock vibe.
— Campaign Brief