Branding business not as usual.


branding business not as usual

Block is for business not as usual; for unrelenting change, for questioning the status quo, for new ways of working. We are for businesses that can’t afford to not be noticed; who need to out-think because they can’t out-spend.

Doing away with silos and egos, it’s solving business problems collaboratively, openly and with exhaustive consideration. It is partnering with the best to gain new perspectives, skills and insights. Unifying smarts, creativity, curiosity and relentless questioning; it is creating things that surprise, delight, inform, convince,  motivate.

It is the path less trod – one which demands research, experimentation, guts and wit. It is seeking and celebrating well-considered solutions that are both surprising and logical.
Where ‘faster’ and ‘smarter’ aren’t seen as opposing states. We are for constant, continual reinvention, adaption and evolution – and knowing there will never be a new normal. As our media, social and business landscapes continually shift, Block is for business not as usual.



who do we
think we are?


Our entire team consists of marketing and communication specialists whose first commitment and real concern is to aid our clients’ businesses in connecting in a meaningful way with their desired audiences.

Block is structured so that our team is large and experienced enough to deliver complete, time critical projects, while being small enough to have most of our senior team members directly involved in all our work.

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Mark Braddock
Co-founder & Creative Director

After setting the world on fire at Smarts Advertising (UK), Ogilvy (US) and The Martin Agency (US), Mark moved back to Perth and founded Block with partner Tanya, where he leads the creative and strategic output. Mark begrudgingly checks the box of Creative Director; despite the beard, thick rimmed spectacles and scarf, he swears he’s not like the others.

Mark has won many awards across three continents, and is currently president of the Perth Advertising and Design Club (PADC). And if that wasn’t enough, Mark is also an accomplished artist whose paintings have been exhibited to much acclaim in his own living room.


Tanya Sim
Co-founder & Director

Founding the studio in 2002 with her partner Mark, Tanya oversees Block’s management; her balance of business smarts the yin to her discerning creative yang. Beginning her career as an interior designer, Tanya worked her way through Edinburgh, New York and Richmond (Virginia), crafting interiors for world renowned brands.

Tanya is a big believer in reward for effort – after tending to her veggie garden, cooking for her family and bending into shape for pilates, tucking into a good gin and tonic is par for the course.

Presently Tanya sits on the board of the Perth Theatre Trust and is Chair of Highgate Primary School Board.


Angela Palandri
General Manager

Cobbling together a cornucopia of life experience from years living in Switzerland, the US, Spain, France and now Perth, Angela steers Block’s ship with a keen eye for detail, and an even keener (and somewhat freakish) sense of smell. Her experience spans diverse strategic business roles, including being Head of Operations at 303Lowe for over five years.

For Angela, there is no decision that can be rushed, a trait which has meant she’s spent years trying to find the right shade of green for her fence at home, and taking almost as long to decide what she wants for lunch.


Emma Watton
Director of Strategy and Client Delivery

After more than a decade of globe-trotting as an independent brand and strategy consultant, Block finally reeled in Emma’s free spirit with a full time position, much to the dismay of her frequent flyer program. The antithesis of an advertising ‘suit’ (although she technically is one), Emma’s approachable and easy-going manner sits at odds with her years spent living what we can only assume was a ritzy, cosmopolitan life.

Emma brings endless experience in workshopping, post-it-noting and stakeholder-wrangling to Block, ensuring sound strategies and communications are delivered for clients.

Melissa Mailey
Account Director

Growing up on a wheat and sheep farm didn’t deter Melissa from hopping around Australia in the big leagues of advertising. Starting with what she knew, Melissa worked on a range of accounts in agriculture across Australia, eventually moving to Sydney and Melbourne to head up client service on some of Australia’s biggest brands.

Returning back to Perth, Melissa now cracks the proverbial whip at Block, making sure clients get the best possible outcomes, all the while herding the unwieldy creatives in the right direction. It’s almost as if she’s done this somewhere before.


Jessica Richings
Studio/Production Manager

A native of the northern beaches of Perth (or is it South Geraldton?), Jessica has been in the media and communications industry for over 14 years. After a five year stint in the UK working for BBC and Sky Broadcasting, she returned to our sunnier skies with a peculiar accent in tow.

Jessica uses the power of her incredibly open, charming and friendly personality to magically get teams of creative individuals collaborating and delivering projects on time and budget. She may be a white witch.


Adam McGlashan
Account Manager

A Bunbury boy gone on to set the ad world on fire, Adam brings a strategic approach to all he does at Block. With a depth of experience across accounts including building, insurance and local government, he has helped some of WA's largest brands get cut through with his balance of tactical thinking and collaboration.

Such is Adam's passion for strategising, when he's not helping plan events and guiding the committee for Youngbloods WA, you'll find him carefully planning and devising his next road trip or adventure. We sure can't keep up with him.


Shenelle Manwaring
Account Manager

Forgoing a promising career as a pro-volleyballer at age 16, Shenelle set sail from a breezy life of sunshine, sand and palm trees in Trinidad, and headed for the grey skies of London, for what some might say are perplexing reasons. Despite the slight change of pace, Shenelle slotted in seamlessly, eventually working across roles from brand and marketing communications, to PR and event management – both in-house and agency side.

Wanderlust (and sunshine) led her to Perth, where the only adaptation she’s had to make is to being called ‘Shazza’. Shenelle is the first to admit she may in fact be a frustrated creative at heart, moonlighting (or so she thinks) as Block’s 2IC Creative Director. Luckily for us, old habits die hard, and it’s a frustration she channels on the volleyball court – just like old times.


Cameron Murray

Though he may have been reared in the country, the tag ‘farm boy’ hardly sticks with Cameron. A Swiss Army Knife of skills and knowledge, Cameron has self-taught himself just about every trick in the book.

You’ll always find him tinkering with something – be it graphic, product and digital design, or fashion, screen printing and film. Cameron also has aspirations to get his t-shirt label off the ground, and is always thinking up ‘crackpot ideas’. Who knows what might come of that.


Joseph Dennis

One of those crafty types, Joseph has a keen eye for all sorts of creative projects. That, and a passion for crafting type. His love of letters, complemented with his neat animation, branding and illustration skillset has seen him create work for some of WA’s most iconic brands, including ECU, Brownes Dairy, Jesters, St John and the Western Australian Ballet.

Not one for contradictions, Joseph is into bouldering but terrified of heights, is obsessed with Fremantle but is an Eagles die-hard, and loves a night in playing board games as much as an afternoon of backyard cricket. Creative types sure do love being peculiar.


Rachel Boon

Block's polite and precocious prodigy, Rachel joined the team whilst still studying for her advertising and design degree, having already worked for two other agencies to boot. Not to mention picking up a bunch of awards along her merry way.

A creative in every sense, Rachel is enthralled by colour, crafts and her pot plant collection. However, her gentle demeanour belies her serious approach to work – she's  on a self-declared mission to make the world a better place. She's a black belt in karate too – so you know she's not messing around.


Office Supervisor

Other than his lackadaisical work schedule, Bentley is often found going in circles, attempting to catch his tail.

Bentley is something of a gatekeeper for Block – his watchful eye is never far from the front gate and the goings-on of Brisbane Street.