The town of Midland’s under-utilised oval laying at its heart was primed for transformation into a new meeting place. This was to be an area that would become a new green heart for the historic town – along with homes, offices, restaurants, cafés and bars.


Create and sell in the vision for this new development to the council and stakeholders, and bring the idea of the town's new backyard to life.


With the successful buy-in and commencement of the project, the New Junction precinct is destined to bring new life and new energy to this once-thriving pocket of the community.


  • Brand Strategy

  • Stakeholder Engagement

  • Naming & Brand Identity

  • Website Development

  • Motion Graphics


a town that worked hard and played harder.


Midland is one of Perth’s most historic towns – a town that’s been built on hard work and determination – on heavy industry and agriculture. But its people don’t just work hard, they play hard too.

The people of Midland’s love of leisure and the great outdoors has been well documented. So in envisioning the project, Element WA set about masterplanning a place that would be a revitalisation of the much loved Australian backyard. Here, there would be ample spaces for recreation, leisure, work and play.

It was to be the meeting of old and new – a reinterpretation of the urban fabric that makes Midland so unique.



Block began the process by posing the project’s intent as a question, and as a vision. This would guide the tone of the naming, branding and communications that would follow. We asked: could community be built? And if so, how?


Block worked with Element WA to sell in the place branding and positioning to The City of Swan council. This explored naming territories that would articulate the three key themes: connections & crossroads, big backyard, and built by hand.

The name ‘New Junction’ was chosen for not only its nod to the historic railway station, but the intersection of people and experiences coming together in a new backyard setting for the town.
— Mark Braddock, Creative Director, Block

rejuvenating midland with new life and new energy


The New Junction brand reflects the heritage of Midland, and injects that same new life and energy into the visuals. Using vibrant and nostalgic imagery, typography and textures derived from Midland’s ‘backyard’, the brand brings the spirit of the town’s yesteryear into a new era.

A detailed video presentation, produced in partnership with Zac Creative, explaining the expanse of the project and its anticipated outcomes was created to launch the vision and educate the wider community on the benefits of this major rejuvenation undertaking.


bringing the backyard to life


Block worked with 3D studio Last Pixel to interpret their renders and create hero visuals that would be vital to the projects sell-in. Rather than the typical sterile development renders, Block’s approach was to create these scenes as highly-stylised slice-of-life vignettes, creating a greater sense of the project’s intent and place than could ever be conveyed by a render.


New Junction’s website, developed by Block, serves as an information portal as well as project sell-in piece.

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