Transforming Perth’s centrepoint


For some 25 years, Perth's Central Park building has stood as a bastion of business and an icon of the city's skyline. However, among a shifting economic, commercial leasing and work/life landscape the building's relevance was declining. With a refurbishment on the horizon, it was Central Park's time to regain its mantle as Perth's premier business address.


Reposition Central Park for a new era, in the midst of shifting markets and an increasingly cutthroat commercial landscape.


The refreshed brand and positioning owns Central Park's unequalled location and newfound sophistication, whilst nodding to the building's architectural and artistic and heritage. The newly rebranded Central Park signed a major seven-floor deal to become home to Perth's only WeWork office.


  • Brand Strategy

  • Stakeholder Engagement

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a central brand promise

Engaging with the building’s varied stakeholders, Block developed a brand strategy that would anchor the brand and communications around the blurring of the lines between work and life; a thriving heartland.


central park’s dna


As Perth’s tallest building, Central Park is regarded as a place of eminence among the business community. In undertaking a complete revitalisation, Block looked to what made the building so iconic in the first place. Its unique combination of parklands and architectural forms guided the creation of the new brand.

The tower’s angular forms and podium structure

The tower’s angular forms and podium structure

The building’s geometric floorplate

The building’s geometric floorplate

Perth CBD’s only green space

Perth CBD’s only green space

In reimagining Central Park, it was vital that we conveyed the precinct as one of balance. At a time where the lines between work and life are increasingly blurred, business hubs must not only embrace these changing attitudes, but champion them.
— Emma Watton, Strategic Director, Block

(↑) Taking inspiration from the building’s iconic geometry, the brand elements were built upon an isometric grid. This system creates an endlessly flexible and dynamic look that sculpts and shapes around content, even forming the logo itself.


(↑) The refurbishment promises to transform the lobby into that of a five star hotel, where private business pods, a new signature café, and an all-new concierge area will offer tenants a more balanced work environment.


Central Park’s digital presence was reimagined, with an all new website and refreshed social media channels.


at the intersection of work and life


As the brand launched and the building began its transformation, the time was ripe for Central Park to outwardly position itself in the market, to appeal to new tenants who would have once considered Central Park the ‘old guard’.

Block positioned Central Park as ‘where work and life are centred’. This was a reflection of the building’s inherently central location, as well as the newfound balance the refurbishment would offer tenants.


(↓) During the lobby renovation stages, Block worked with Central Park to create construction hoarding and wayfinding.

With the lines between work and play becoming increasingly blurred, Central Park’s lush park space, facilities and social activities enhance customers’ and visitors’ well-being and experience in an environment that caters for their working, leisure and social needs.
— Tim Ward, General Manager, Central Park Perth