Rewind back to 2001. Perth held the unfortunate and long-running mantle of ‘Dullsville’ amongst more sophisticated and cosmopolitan neighbours over east. Urban sprawl was increasingly having a chokehold on the city, and the concept of apartment living as a lifestyle choice was in its infancy. Upon their formation, Match Development sought to introduce Perth to the idea of design and amenity-led urban living.

Over the course of a decade and a half, Match has grown into a truly integrated property group that has been dedicated to developing places of substance.


Create a property brand and product architecture that would set them apart from the tide of middle-of-the-road developers, whilst leading them through periods of expansion and diversification.



  • Brand Architecture

  • Brand Positioning

  • Marketing Communications

  • Brand Identity

  • Web Architecture


design meets amenity – it’s a match

The M/Group represents Block’s longest held client relationship with the partnership stretching back more than a decade. 

As Match was gaining traction amongst the Perth market in 2004, they engaged us to build a brand identity that would set them and their projects apart from the crowd. With Block’s direction, their ‘M’ became the iconic hallmark of their developments and brand – standing for their renowned design and amenity driven apartment living.

When we launched Match, the very idea that someone, other than a student or a few wealthy individuals in towers on the edge of King’s Park would choose to live in an apartment [in Perth] was novel.
— Lloyd Clark, Founder and Managing Director of Match

Above: An early Match brand campaign that helped establish the Match 'M' as an icon in the Western Australian property sector.


giving heritage a home

It’s 2005. While other developers continued to produce towering, soulless structures, Match sought to reinvigorate a heritage icon for a new era. Home, in the CBD, was their watershed moment. By far Match's most significant project to that point in time, Home cemented their reputation of not only quality and style, but of responsible reinvention.

Home represented the first time Match and Block collaborated on a project marketing campaign and the campaign that resulted was critical in staking Home as different by name and by nature, and signalled to arrival of an original force in the local property market. The attention the project garnered was extraordinary.

It was to be the harbinger of the integrated approach the team would take to creating sales campaigns in the decades following, with Block being involved in the design of every consumer touchpoint; from sales offices to advertising, from collateral to digital assets.


the legacy of ‘m’

On the back of the success of Home, Block developed a system that would enable the company to consistently express its ‘corporate’ brand across all its developments, while allowing each project to develop its own voice and personality. By using the ‘M’ device to create names, each individual project contributed to the Match brand and, in turn, individual projects benefited from their status as a ‘Match’ development. This system was fundamental in growing a reputation in the industry that far outstripped Match‘s size and remained the bedrock of the brand for the next decade. 



shifting for growth

In 2013, The Match Group approached Block to look a-fresh at their brand architecture now that they had grown into a truly integrated property group with divisions devoted to all aspects of the industry from property marketing to construction – all with different audiences. 

The outcome was a restructure of the business under the holding company and investment arm M/Group. The branding of each of the divisions was further defined and strengthened with the Match name being reserved exclusively for the consumer-facing apartment brand.


Each business unit within the group adopted its own visual identity, in order to give these the ability to hone in on their diverse audiences.

As with the project brands, the ‘M’ remained the mutually beneficial red thread that tied the brands together.

The re-engineering of the M/Group brands has seen the Group maintain a strong project flow and investment attraction in a challenging market. 


In partnership with Humaan, A comprehensive web architecture and platform syndicated content and enabled cross-promotion between business lines.



strength in numbers


Over the years since the brand’s launch, Match had become much-imitated in the market and their difference had become less visible.

So, Block were charged with shaking the industry up once again by constructing a brand architecture that would mark the Match brand as the undisputed thought-leaders in the market. 

We developed a system that takes Match where no other development brand has been brave enough to go. Match has done away with project names entirely, instead choosing to brand developments with numbers. 

The new M/Series positions the Match brand as a baseplate for all projects, allowing each project to build its own distinctive brand personality and tone.


Scoop Magazine feature, 2014

Scoop Magazine feature, 2014


Over the course of a decade and a half, Block’s guidance has helped Match evolve as an organisation, and to build its legacy as Perth’s pre-eminent, boutique developer.