crafting a global leader in precious metals.

With nearly 120 years of history refining, producing and dealing in precious metals, The Perth Mint has played a significant part in the development of the state of Western Australia. This multi-faceted business is an innovator and champion of the industry. Despite their presence on a global scale, the Mint were experiencing a siloed mentality across their business lines, as well as bearing a dated, incoherent brand identity. The Mint acknowledged that in order to be perceived as a world leader, they needed to regroup and embrace change.

 Updated brand mark

Updated brand mark


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A restrained, holistic and refined identity was developed to unify and modernise the brand. Maintaining their iconic swan hallmark, the identity elevates a staid look into one of sophistication and fastidious quality. It speaks to the core attributes of security, innovation and quality the Mint is renowned for, and rightfully treats gold as the precious element that it is.

An impressive aspect of this project was how Block was able to change gears. While the agency has a strong reputation for contemporary, progressive work they fully understood and reflected the Mint’s traditional values and the more conservative market it operates in.  /
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An extensive brand toolkit brings together the overarching brand strategy, identity guidelines, photography styling, applications and advertising guidelines.


Appealing not only to their retail market, the brand had to have the ability to engage high-end investor clientele.



A bright new proposition

Following the brand development process, it became clear there was a need for something that solidified the Mint’s brand proposition to their vast global audiences. This was a positioning statement that would not only stand on its own as a tagline, but could unify the business’ broad offerings under an undeniable truth.

‘To Shine, Always’ aligns with the Mint’s aspiration to be a global leader; one of excellence beyond repute.


To launch the positioning, a local campaign coinciding with Western Australia Day celebrated the achievements of the Mint and the impact they have had on the state.


The outcome of the project underscores the Mint’s exceptionalism as a modern precious metals business, and presents a unified platform for the brand to shine on a global scale.